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A cursory and curious listing of books and literatrivia. 

"Jacinda experienced a moment of exquisite pain. The kind of pain that comes when one realizes the truth. She realized that she loved Keelan, and that he was worthy of that love, and she realized that no matter what she said, her mother would never understand it. The fact that Jacinda herself didn't really know why she loved Keelan didn't make this realization any less painful. This was an understanding that her mother's approval was conditional, even if her love was not. And like every child, Jacinda resented her parent for this withholding of approval. For above all, what every child craves from their parents is not love – that is expected, and normal, and right – what every child wants, in the depths of their soul, is the commendation of their parents."

The Fatness (my WIP)