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A cursory and curious listing of books and literatrivia. 

Riotous Assembly

Riotous Assembly - Tom Sharpe Scene:A deserted road in New Zealand. In the distance, we see a bus bombing along the highway at high speed, slowing down and then screeching to a halt.Interior Bus:Bus driver turns in his seat, a look of concern on his face. We hear a kind of strange wheezing sound, which is both alarming and somehow amusing. Is someone having a heart attack? An epileptic seizure? The bus driver gets out of his seat and approaches the passenger who is making these strange sounds, collapsed onto his side in the empty seat beside him.Bus Driver: Are you alright sir?The passenger continues making the strange choking sounds. There are tears running down his face, and he is hiccuping with ... yes, it's definitely laughter.Mark: Sorry. It's just ... [he points to the cover of Riotous Assembly by Tom Sharpe] ... so ...Bus Driver: Bloody hell.