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A cursory and curious listing of books and literatrivia. 

The Company

The Company - K. J. Parker Warning: don't read this review if you think you'd like to read the book. There are spoilers, right away:I would have quite happily given this book four stars if not for the conclusion. I hate it when authors "resolve" the plot with an elevator ending. (All the main characters get into an elevator, the cable snaps, and they all die.) Or not die. There is some ambiguity.)Apart from that, I enjoyed the book quite a bit, more than her engineer trilogy. The story is the kind that I like and the characters are compelling. I was a little annoyed at the start of the book as the author kept switching between first and last names when referring to the characters, and of course, many of these fantasy names started with the same letter, but that's just a picky thing that bugs me.